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Responsive Content Made Easy

Create animated and interactive content which can resize to suit your responsive design.

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Replacing Flash® with HTML5

All the features and flexibility of Flash but in HTML5. And because HTML5 is compatible with iPad and Android as well as Windows, you can now get Flash-style output easily for devices which no longer support it.

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Product Tutorials

Opus Pro - Flash, Multimedia and elearning Tutorials

Creating elearning

Build sophisticated elearning assessments quickly and easily for Flash, presentations or education.

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Tween Animation

Build sophisticated animation without special skills for Flash, elearning or presentations.

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Free Resources & Samples

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Plant Cell Revision Quiz

An example of a simple quiz created using the new Question Object in Opus Pro v8 for your website or to edit with Opus Pro.

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Free Sudoku Game

Stylish interactive Sudoku game with over 300 puzzles ready to use on your website or to customise with Opus Pro.

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Other Free Flash Games

Examples of Flash games for you to play online or download and edit in Opus Pro or Creator.

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Case Studies

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Mine Driving Safety

Keeping workers safe around large mining vehicles.

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Interactive Textbooks

Teaching resources on iPad and Windows.

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Teach Computer Science

Engage Your Students

Teach the curriculum not the software. Opus is increasingly popular in education because it gets students productive more quickly so they stay engaged. Plus - one program to cover more sections of the curriculum.

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Teaching Resources

Section offering free lesson plans and whiteboard activities to support Opus Pro in Education.

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Our Products

We specialise in easy-to-use development tools to create HTML5, SCORM elearning, Flash animation, applications and interactive resources of all kinds for Windows, iPad and Android.

Opus Creator shows how easy it can be to create engaging and effective resources without programming but without relying on templates.

Opus Pro enables developers, trainers and instructional designers to create stylish and attractive applications in a fraction of the time.

With our free samples as starting points and QuickBuild shortcuts to automate key tasks you can be productive today - no matter where you're starting from.

Your Solutions

Discover how our creative software provides the solution you need for the widest range of projects from a single program.

The freestyle WYSiWYG HTML5 editor feature in both Creator and Opus Pro makes spectacular web design easy.

Built-in special effects, animations and transitions, plus stylish design features give any project a professional finish quickly.

Automatic scoring and monitoring across course, inidividual topics and critical knowledge, makes versatile elearning cost-effective and achievable.

Visit the case studies section for real world examples.